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This site has numerous pages that have JavaScript 1.1 routines within them. If this page does not advance to our home page within a few moments, however, your web browser is not JavaScript-enabled or your browser's version of JavaScript lacks necessary features: you will not have access to all content available on this site and/or you will have numerous JavaScript error messages as a result.

Below are shortcuts to two popular web browsers that have integral JavaScript 1.1* virtual machines (JavaScript-kernel engines that extend your operating system), and the latest versions of these browsers are compatible with this site.

If your browser is version 4 or higher of the two listed below, you should have a version of JavaScript that fully exploits this site.

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Shortcut to Microsoft Corporation
*Microsoft refers to the scripting language JavaScript as JScript, but script execution is independent of the engine itself.

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Shortcut to Netscape Communications Corporation

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